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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  June 25, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. drivers are slowing down keeping people safe on the street. we are live at google in mound taken view where protest is -- mountain view where protesters unfolded and we will tell you what they were demanding. it is not too early to talk about a cold front approaching in june. it will be cooler but what about rain to the north, that is time to coming up on the morning news. good morning, we begin with our breaking news from san francisco. this is what happened, a huge fire started with a police chase across a bay bridge and temperature ended with a fiery crash and two people are dead. investigators are expected to remain on the scene and here is a live look at what it looks like for now. we have coverage on the investigation and the impact
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this will have on traffic this morning, again this is san francisco. it is wednesday june 25th, i am pam cook. >> let's talk about weather and traffic. >> i sure did and we are already spreading some clouds and it all right -- and it will not be very warm, upper lower 60s today and it has picked up a fog bank and picking up cooler temperatures. 24 gusts to 29 and 25 plus at concord 2 oakland airport, you get the get the eye the idea it will be a decent system this time to the north and later on, breezy and cooler for all, here
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is sal . i just noun out about a new problem i am trying to put on my maps here and that would be 880 on mission boulevard. a sig alert has been issued for this and this does not sound good but traffic will be affected on the i am in and for the most part, let's go to the toll place disa and that can be affected pie a from this and
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this morning on the at ramp lookive where two people were killed, tara? >> this car was stolen and it was going upwards of 130-mile- per-hour across the bay bridge and this is right where it ben to harrison. you can see what was stole leap out of san francisco. one man was ejected from the car when the car burst into flames. it all started in oakland and he said he noticed the car driving near th street, they will not say and the officer in the car started out and they were going at speeds up to 120-
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mile-per-hour. luckily nobody was on the bridge at the time and they were going so fast that they crashed and both died instantly this will be bass document and the coroner still has to arrive and and it will be who and we are live in san francisco, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. and we want to give you the details of of this crash. it was also the scene of the crash from 10 days ago. they crashed into a homeless camp and a homeless man was
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killed. they would like caltrans to put up extra signs and flashing lights to alert drivers to that sharp curve. meantime the speed limit may soon change to produce the number of death. they can expect on how many can be reduced and last time we were looking at how many were hit and killed while crossing sit streets and they want to reduce it to zero by the year 20/20. they have taken their demands to silicone valley and janine de la vega is in mountain view is it? roars right now it is quiet in
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front of google headquarters but people who are part of the occupied movement have been posting pictures and here are some of the pictures and ten people were arrested during a peaceful protest because they were on private property. they are demanding the tech giant to take action on net neutrality to maybe -- neutrality. they are accusing demonstrators of jumping all at once and he is more demonstrators behind the camera got or rest -- arrested. they are calling it a rough
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arrest. according to the google website, we reached out to them but they have not returned our calls just yet. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. a man shot overnight in san francisco is in stable condition at this hour. the shooting happened before one. and map bass taken to san francisco general hospital. he is described as being in his mid-30s and no arrests were made in that case. in union city, they are investigating a fire that killed one man and it happened along with high been women and they say neighbors rushed to help but the fire was too intense.
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>> i can tell you the house is completely end gulfed -- engulfed with flames. >> neighbors say the man who died in that fire was an older man and he lived in that house with his adult son. san francisco police hope it will lead to an arrest in a string of arsons. it was the first to report on at least a dozen fires at the area of wilson. now police have released information and you can see somebody following with a bikes and walks through kind of comes back meanders back and tries a second dear door and comes back through the door he initially
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entered so we definitely, if somebody recognizes him, we would like that more. some who are popular with the park are angry. there is a plan to build a park near the montague expressway. some say they need it for their kids to play in. they are concerned about a lack of open space and more traffic if that soccer field is built. now the need for additional soccer space is needed due to levi stadium and they are concerned about what it will do to nearby if they are planning
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on one and they are providing adequate access to parks and field sports. the u.s. is gearing up for its world cup match and players held their last training session before catching a flight, a win or a tie against jeremy new they did still advance and they are taking place at the same time. a star player may be suspended for the rest of the world cup. they appeared to show them biting during time in italy and no foul walls called in fact, the world cup investigating
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surrender spendsed them although they will be announced at 5:00 a.m. a dog becomes a hero in an early morning fire in an apartment building. >> can you believe that, coming up in 22 minutes, what that bit pull dog did to save the live of her owner. and isis now selling t- shirts and toy dolls, they are having a reaction san mateo print is not at good option. and late june, there will be cooler conditions and maybe some to the north, we will take a look at it coming up.
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bulldog: that's a ringer of a deal! radio announcer: mattress discounters 4th of july sale ends soon. ♪ mattress discounters . happening today hillary rodham clinton will be there promoting a book and it is about serving as secretary of state. they plan to show up at her speech to call on her to oppose the keystone xl pipeline. clinton has not yet take an position on that. house speaker john boehner
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may sue president barack obama and he said he is exceeding his constitutional rights and further action is needed because house legislation addressing the issue has quote gone nowhere in the democratic controlled senate. he has promised to take executive action if he cannot get cooperation from congress. iraq is trying to stop the momentum of that terror group known as isis. they are growing as more people are fleeing their homes lookingingfor protection from the militants and yesterday, they had a briefing with lawmakers about the crisis in iraq. they are hoping this may form another government and u.s. has pledged more military aid before the situation becomes a threat to our allies. and they could have set that breaking believing they
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are successful. >> reporter: the teams are made up of special forces and about 90 military advisers. several will arrive in the next couple of days. they will arrive for u.s. embassy and baghdad and evaluate the stability of the iraqi military. and having the isis logo and it is popping up online. talking about t- shirts and hoodies for sale, they say we are all isis and fight for free don't until the last bit of blood. these items have been popping up on facebook and twitter and it is not clear if isis is making these items and they would not be surprised if the money ends up in the hands of isis. and going back to san francisco by the end of the
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year. the u.s. navy owns the land and is examining it for radiation. the board of supervisors has approved a resolution to allow them to move ahead with the transfer. it is expected to include the eastern end of the island and other eye inlands as well. -- other islands as well. and lucas' original plan, at the presidio rejected that idea so they turned to their home town which is thrilled to get the museum. and as a partner with schools throughout the city of chicago they are making a tremendous investment. lucas released a statement saying quote, choosing chicago
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was a difficult decision for me in the bay area. marissa meyer was due to meet with marketing executives for some of the biggest companies in france. she was almost two hours late and meyers told some of the guests she fell asleep after being up for 20 hours straight and was later criticized for actually delivering a poor presentation. we want to check in and of course we have a big problem in san francisco. we might affect traffic off the bay bridge, westbound on that off ramp, it will be affected because when you come off the 5 5th street exit, it is one of the major accidents for a deadly crash and as a result of
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a chase, at one point it was in flames and two people were killed, one person inside the vehicle from the make investigation team, tara moriarty will tell us what led up to the crash and we will try to find out how long this ramp will be close and it does not look like they will be opening it any time soon. so far no major problems at the toll but something may start to get busy because of this off ramp being closed. another serious problem, 880 at mission boulevard, vehicle and motorcycle and other vehicles got involved and traffic is slow in other directions. chp issued a significant alert for the crash and you will see southbound traffic will be okay as you drive down 237 except
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for a brief slow down. their you sir, there is a lot of the low clouds and fog, yesterday it was patchy from parts of the san mateo coast and it is back in a big way because the front is moving in. it will be partly cloudy, breezy, upper 60s and headed out for the game, it is windy outside and not bad once you are inside. drizzle, fog sun increasing especially to the north bay later on, cool breezy for most, winds are picking up for many and the system is coming up we will give you a closer look. 50s on the temperatures and 56 familiar -- knap year. so there is not much of a
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difference. oakland dusting to 21 and a westerly breeze up to santa rosa and that's a cooler direction. not too shabby and that's all fog underneath and that's all getting enhanced. we'll see a lot of drizzle and some rain and some of that might make it down tonight. by south of that i would be surprised and the system is there and from the mountains out to the valley, our testimony will be -- system will be with us today and tomorrow. cooler breezy, maybe a few no doubt about it, a better opportunity gets closer.
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60s or 70s, mainly lower 80s for some and there will be a significant drop. >> warmer temperatures return for the weekend. a popular grocery store chain has been fined for over charging, they are now forking over the cash. and hear what long time ktvu news anchor has to say about the partnership with fox. the wonder of summer is that i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment.
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professional kitchen services at a low price. . welcome back, michael jackson died five years ago today but his music did not. since his death, jackson's estate earned more than $600 million. he was featured last month and an album was made and other options continue. and the huge television deal for all of us hitting home on channel. here is the news. fox television stations are
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acquiring channel 2 and television 36 which means we are moving from fox media -- cox media group to fox. we became one of the first start up media groups and dennis rodman remembers that first. visit. because we had a great reputation in the bay area. >> that is what is happening. you will still be able to watch including american idle right here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. and they have the set box for the annual developers'
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contest. that would put them in living rooms across the world and ifs is bringing in a some stuff, the training stuff leading to his injuries. and it caught fire in oakland and we will tell you why one man said his dog saved his life. good morning, right now we are looking at a map remains dead from a deadly crash. it is cooler because of simple reason there is a cold front and we'll see what kind of impact, how much cooler will it be and will there be any
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. >> well, good morning welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. look at your screen. we have been following this breaking news story from san francisco, a fiery crash after a high-speed chase across the bay bridge which killed two people. we are still out there and these are live pictures and investigators are still there. we will tell you the latest into that crash and how all of
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this may affect your morning commute and traffic, stay tune. -- tuned. wednesday morning, i am dave clark. >> steve is talking about the weather and i heard you mention some spring kills. we can use that for the drought. >> it is already some on parts of the coast and we have a solid fog bank and it will be breezy and schooler and by tonight that front will start to work its way in and it will lift and give us a restorable dribble, the breeze is out of the west. arc cade do will also take that fog bank and give us a rather cool down so look for
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increasing clouds with a lot of fog near the coast. cooler for all, later tonight and highs coming down inland areas, 70s and 80s closer to coast and bay, here is sal. we still have major problems, first one being northbound 880, several vehicles involved in a multi- collision beginning to slow at mission and chp issued a sig alert and in the southbound treks we are beginning to slow. this does took good and as you drive through there are no major problems and traffic report is -- traffic report is beginning to get a little bit slowey is not unusual. this is because we are following this breaking news and a high speed chp pursuit ended in a deadly car crash in san francisco this morning and
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tara moriarty joins us live from 5 5th and harrison and two people in a stolen car were killed, tara? >> they said this car was going so fast they could not come through and if to you take a lack behind me you can see what is available. one man was ejected from the car and another was burned inside when the car burst into flames. this all started around 3:00 this morning in oakland. chp noticed the car driving on 880 near th street and officers will not say why they started to run the plates and they figured the car was stolen out of san francisco so they told us when the die oh hit,
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they were going faster at 130- mile-per-hour and luckily there was nobody else at the time. the alleged fees, that is when they crashed and both died instantly. this off ramp which is a major exit during the morning commute will be shut down for hours we are told. the major accident investigation's team is remaining out here doing its job. they showed up and left again and have not begun the process of removing the bodies and in the meantime, definitely expect delays as you head into the city. live from san francisco, i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. new this morning, an apartment pulling has left them without a home this morning.
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alex savage. >> reporter: one man credited his dog with saving hills life. you can see oakland firefighters have left the scene here after battling these flames earlier this morning. right now there is heavily damaged apartments and we see some people going inside and grabbing their things and many are being helped out by the red cross. everybody was sleeping when the fire started. they all managed to make it out alive. it started just off international and all four units at this complex were either damaged by flames or smoke. in the end a total of 17 people who live here were forced out and will have to find someplace else to live and that includes five children. julio managed to escape all because of a pit bull named a
5:36 am
key the it -- a pit bull. she started barking and woke me up and i went to wake my roommate up and we got out. >> started -- >> reporter: this started often the ground floor apartments and we are collecting and it is unclear the cause of the fire. 17 people are forced out by this fire and they will have to find another place to stay but we have seen these book people said they will have to find it until other areas. his fire truck flipped over at the airport a 28 year veterans from the oakland fire department was badly hurt in this crash.
5:37 am
he was alone as part of a monthly drill. itit was a firefighting rig with 2400 gallons of foam. it turned over as it was turning a corner. he was rushed to the hospital and that's where his colleagues are praying for his recovery. >> like i said, this firefighter was well-known and liked with all of the members of the organization. >> he is listed in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. one report said he is married with no children. chp and cal osha. she was run over by rescue crews. they call the death of the
5:38 am
young girl preventible. they say at least two firefighters saw the girl lying on the ground outside of the plane and decided she was dead without examining her to make sure. she was killed when she was run over by two fire trucks responding to the scene. >> this individual was viewed by two firefighters who did not perform triage and decided she was dead. >> two other girls were thrown from the crash, they believe they would have survived had they been belted in. he was hit by a door when it was knocked loose from a crash. thank and until its final
5:39 am
report, the ntsb also concluded that the pilots of the airline over relied on auto mated systems they they they did not fully understand. as a result they collided with the sea wall at the end of the runway. to avoid this, they will have better training for pilots and requiring pilots to land more often to remain familiar with the procedure. now we have complete coverage including yesterday's hearing. and they are searching for suspects in a and it happened not far from the open coliseum. a woman who was with her is still not expected to survive
5:40 am
and it is still not clear what led to that deadly gunfire. and tied to the fatal shooting of oscar grant. yesterday his grandfather took the witness stand in his first testimony ever about his son's death at the fruit veil station. he is currently serving a lime sentence. he intentionally is killing his child. they have been telling them they are representatives from the sheriff's office. he failed to report for jury duty and in san bruno people are being told they owe a large sum of money to the ira. in most cases people are
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tomorrow to pay what they owe. neither the the internal revenue service or any other is affecting that. and we will have more on what needs to be done before it becomes a reality. but first a sneak peak inside levi stadium three weeks before it is open to the public and the issues that still need to be worked out. a couple of serious issues including one in san francisco and one in the east bay as we look at highway four, you can see it is looking good but all of the east bay looks are getting well, we will have an update. we have a cold front already producing some rain and it will be cooler on the highs and what about rain to the north pay. female announcer: time is running out to get the hottest deal
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. welcome back, bryan stow is recovering from a stroke he suffer you had from last week and that's why bryan stow has not attend the civil trial in los angeles against the dodgers and former owner frank mccourt. bryan stow's beating in 2011 left him brain damaged and closing arguments are expected tomorrow. department of home lap security is overwhelmed by a surround of children he will lyle lee crossel -- illegally crossing the border without parents. and in escondido near san
5:45 am
diego, that was rejected, it attract the for park attracted property values in escondido. the company said they would install a tall fence around the property and tried to convince the city it would be safe. >> they say approximately who of sent it but not coming and taking it the to others and they decided to reject the permit. and they are wrapping up its current session. there are three days left for the court to announce their
5:46 am
decision. for some of the more closely matched cases, this includes it. and they can look into what they owe for union dues. we are getting a sneak peak inside the home for the 49ers. and in just 22 years and it is almost 2 million square feet. highlights include the roomy seats and more than 2000 televisions and 2 gigantic high definition score boards. levi is also being built with
5:47 am
the environment until mind. it is very important and economically, there and they are looking around for as many parking spaces as possible. and august nd at the levi stadium 49ers host a preseason game on august 17th. let's look at the commute, sal? we still have some problems in the east bay and in san francisco and we will start in fremont as northbound 880 is still a probably -- problem. people are slowing to take a look at all the lights and emergency vehicles. they are going in the non- commute direction and it is
5:48 am
being affected by on look earrings. and in the direction of carquinez and mcarthur maze, it is taking 19 minutes and that's average speed time, 19-mile-per- hour and in the many time, those metering lights will coming on, i to want to mention we have a look at the traffic ands slow and from is the bay bridge is the shut down. >> let's go to steve. i have been very busy this morning. thank you dave. >> some fog there, yes i'll say, it will be breezy, cooler maybe some rain, it is on the north coast and it will be much
5:49 am
craze sin and fog and yessed it was only patchy and that's not the case today. mix of sun and clouds, a rather blustery day and there is always some. we do get the clouds and we are not making lower clouds and again i am wondering about that. 56 in saratoga. there is a few there but a little bit of that south breeze and already for some. 29 gusts at fairfield due south and that was a very warm pattern for some. oakland gusting and before it gets to us, as it is does it
5:50 am
will enhance that fog bank and we will start to squeeze that on in the form of drizzle but it is raining on the north coast. calistoga go, there is testify naturally out and some 60s and 70s as temperatures take a slide down today into tomorrow and we will bottom out tomorrow on that and after that system exit stage right and we clear out and warmer temperatures for your weekend. a few minutes ago, the government announced sales and most of the decline because of a sharp moore and they are down nearly 6% and they are up 7 / 10 10th 10 10th of a%.
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they are working for the ceos and the deal with allow them internet options for more customers. they claim that and that would a allow penalties and fees . it included the weight of containers when going with charged foods and it has all 74 of its stores over the next five years. it also has salads and other items. there is a new message from paul mccartney. >> coming up, what paul is saying to hispanics after postponing several tour dates
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. it is happening in one of
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the bay area's most of a fluent cities. there were break-ins on marchboro and -- rubin amaro, march borrow and another on churchill drive and it is unclear but neighbors are hoping for surveillance video in their investigation. they want to know if they stopped a drive who was the looking for jewelry and when he got a out, i ran into the area and chased him down the stairs. >> i had him in a headlock and he was hitting me with the screwdriver. it only made it through the skin once. >> he said he is glad he stopped the crime from happening but the call is the
5:56 am
situation unfortunate. he was out on parole and this was his third strike. they decided to enact an mediate more mora tore yum. but they want to present anything before they can regulate them. san okay, staffer failed attempts. the faa is examining medical evidence and reclassifying it as less dangerous drugs. there are five categories currently listed as having the highest potential of abuse and they have heroin an l sd but marijuana would still be
5:57 am
illegal and reclassifying it could ease restrictions and also provide state legalized marijuana dispensaries. more than as to people. >> that man has an incredible story, he said his dog saved his life this morning and where that fire actually started. we have been following this since 4:30 and we found out what led up to this fiery scene off the bay bridge. because of that, you might seriously consider using a ditch bridge, like the san mateo bridge, we will tell you coming up. a cop cold front will give us a closer look and it is coming down in about two
5:58 am
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. good morning, thank you for waking up with us, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. steve and i were talking about the death of a hollywood icon. >> ely wall lack. 98. >> it was a signature one but there were plenty of others. we


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